Color and multispectral image databases

Color Hazy Image Database (CHIC)

One of the major issues related to dehazing methods (single or multiple image based) evaluation is the absence of the haze-free image (ground-truth). This is also a problem when it concerns the validation of Koschmieder model or its subsequent dehazing methods. To overcome this problem, we created a database called CHIC (Color Hazy Image for Comparison), consisting of two scenes in controlled environment. In addition to the haze-free image, we provide 9 images of different fog densities.

CHIC Database comprises the following two directories:

Dynamic_scenes directory contains two sub-directories: Direct_path and Oblique path. Each one contains full images and a sub-directory of resized images.

Static_scenes directory contains two sub-directories: Scene 1 and Scene 2. Each one contains four sub-directories: Scene_indexed, back_patch, Cropped_images, Resized_images.

full images size: 6000 x 4000
Scene1_cropped images size: 1566 x 2244
Scene2_cropped images size: 2010 x 3528
Resized_images are resized to 30% of full images size.

Size of Dynamic_scenes directory: 1.19 GO
Size of Static_scenes directory: 1.51 GO

Photos are indexed this way: Scene number_Level of fog_illuminant
There are 9 levels of fog density: level 1 shows the highest and level9 one is the lowest one.

We request that when you use the data of our CHIC in your publication or presentation, to cite one of the following paper: