Color and multispectral image databases

Spectral Hazy Image Database (SHIA)

SHIA is a new database to promote visibility enhancement techniques intended for spectral image dehazing. It is composed of two real indoor scenes M1 and M2 of 10 levels of fog each and their corresponding hazefree (ground-truth) images, taken in the visible and the near infrared ranges every 10nm starting from 450 to 1000nm. The number of images that form SHIA is 1540 with a size of 1312 × 1082 pixels. The hazy images and the haze-free images are captured under the same illumination conditions.

SHIA can be downloaded here: SHIA

The main forlder contains 3 folders: Scene M1, Scene M2_NIR and Scene M2_VIS.

In Scene M1, you will find 11 folders, which correspond to fog levels. Each folder contains 28 images that correspond to sampled wavelengths between 450 nm and 720 nm.

In Scene M2_NIR and Scene M2_VIS, you will find 2 folders: lamp_on and lamp_off. Each of them includes 11 folders of fog levels, which contain 28 images that correspond to sampled wavelenghts from 450 to 720 nm in the visible band and from 730 to 1000 nm in the NIR band.

We request that when you use the data of our SHIA in your publication or presentation, to cite the following paper: